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Tuesday, 13 November 2012
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My name is Denesh Gibson – Ivon I am 40 years of age, I started Training at Good Vibes about 7 weeks ago. My goal was to lose weight, get fit and tone my body. Since I have been training at Good Vibes I have lost 15cm around my waist in 7 weeks.  

The trainer put together a training program that helped me achieve my goals. Without their help this would have been very hard to do if at all. It’s also great to know if I have any questions or don’t really understand an exercise I can contact them and they will help solve the problem.

Monday, 12 November 2012
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This Tuna Sashimi recipe is a really simple and healthy dinner or lunch recipe!


1 cup (200g) jasmine rice
4 spring onions, thinly shredded
1/2 cup (125ml) coconut milk 
Juice of 1/2 lime 
1/4 tsp dried chilli flakes 
400g sashimi-grade tuna (see note), sliced 
2 avocados, flesh cut into thin wedges 
50g toasted sesame seeds 
Gluten-free tamari (naturally brewed soy sauce) 
lime wedges (optional), to serve

Monday, 29 October 2012
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At Good Vibes Fitness we have a range of memberships to suit everyone from individuals to families to corporates. Our varied options allow you to choose from the flexibility of upfront annual memberships to convenient direct debit payments with casual visits also available.

We have membership programs for as low as $2 per day and group concessions are also available.
Come in and visit us at Good Vibes Fitness to discuss membership options to suit your individual needs.




The below Amputee Programs are designed predominantly for people who have lost a lower limb. There are 2 specific programs:

The first program is designed to strengthen the core muscles that help with posture and walking. Strengthening these muscles help control movements, transfer energy, shift body weight and move in any direction. This program can be done at home and with minimal equipment.  

The second program is a weight loss program which combines the use of weights with cardio exercises. The program is designed to help boost metabolism and promote weight loss by increasing the body’s energy expenditure.  

This program includes:
1) Individualised training program
2) Videos of correct technique for the exercises
3)Free email consultations
4) Recommended meal plan and diet tips
5) Recommended supplements for your specific goals 


12 week Nutrition Guidance and Training Plan - $230 ( $180 extra for full 24hr membership over the 12 weeks to the gym)
- 60 minute consultation discussing nutrition/training history and goals (face to face or via phone call)
- Nutrition guidance (calories and macro nutrients)
- Introduction to flexible dieting
- Food Diary set up
- Personalized Weight Training Spreadsheet
- Personalized weekly Cardiovascular Training Plan .

12 week Training Plan - $160 ( $180 extra for full 24hr membership over the 12 weeks to the gym)
- 30 minute one on one consultation discussing training history and goals (face to face or via phone call)
- Personalized Weight Training Spreadsheet
- Personalized weekly Cardiovascular Training Plan

Thursday, 25 October 2012
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At good Vibes Fitness we feature state-of-the-art LifeFitness and Hammer Strength equipment. Included are treadmills, x trainer, bikes, rowers, upper body Ergometer and much more, each with their own integrated television screen and Foxtel.

We have a full line of LifeFitness strength equipment, and Hammer Strength Plate Loaded equipment. There is a separate stretching room with exercise balls, bands, medicine balls and mats. Our free weight area is separate from our machine area. You will find dumbbells from 1 kilo to 50 Kilograms.

Friday, 26 October 2012
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Our primary concern at Good Vibes is the fitness and wellbeing of our members and, happily, this represents our core belief in developing a successful partnership with our members.

Good Vibe’s equipment is brand-new and cutting edge as is our fully integrated security system.    

Consequently Good Vibes is not a ‘normal’ 24 Hour Fitness Centre.  We want to offer our members more than just providing ‘normal’ use of fitness equipment.  We therefore provide access to state of the art equipment plus a full size tennis court with lighting, a 25 metre heated swimming pool and we will be adding a variety of classes to suit the demands of our members in coming weeks. All in a safe, clean and well lit environment.    

We offer our members a secure place to workout through an integrated mixture of security swipes, 24 hour CCTV coverage, panic buttons throughout the Centre and restricted access to change rooms i.e. male and female members are restricted to accessing their designated change rooms.    

Member packages will be tailored for: Corporate groups, individuals and families. The Centre is in a convenient location and we aim to provide affordable membership packages for our varying clientele.    

We will offer personal training, some classes i.e. boot camp etc. and, in future, we will have an experienced nutritionist available (by appointment).    

A key point of our offering is that we will continually research what our members need and want and offer services and products that make sense.  In this way Good Vibes will evolve to best service the fitness requirements of our members, defining a real partnership.  


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